The Art Of Watson Towers

For a long time we’ve felt that a lot of what we do actually looks great, well now we’ve got the evidence to back it up. We were both honoured and delighted to travel to Hexham recently to meet with renowned sculptor and artist Sir Antony Gormley. Sir Antony is arguably the UK’s most admired artist and his unique style, content and working materials have inspired and delighted in equal measure. Probably best known for the iconic Angel Of The North near Newcastle Gormley’s industrial sized artworks are usually crafted from steel and his work is exhibited and on permanent display across the world.

Sir Antony’s next project is being created using weathering steel and the team behind it were delighted to discover that not only could we supply the grade and quantity of steel they needed but also a level of technical input and product knowledge they hadn’t been able to find in this country before. They’d expected to have to go abroad for the material and were surprised to discover everything they needed was only a couple of hours away.

Our visit to Hexham was really interesting. We often visit customers and we’re used to being consulted on technical matters, customers tap into our product knowledge every day, but they aren’t often actually creating a work of art, no matter how beautiful the end product. Sir Antony’s next work won’t be ready for a few months yet but we’re really looking forward to seeing it. We’ll keep you updated on its progress.