BBC News Crew Filming at our Factory

Forth Road Bridge Closure Shows Watson Towers Capabilities

When one of the busiest bridges, and most important transport links, in the country was unexpectedly closed a couple of weeks before Christmas only a handful of companies could be trusted to alleviate the problem; and Watson Towers was one of them.

The closure to all traffic of the Forth Road Bridge on the 4th of December was truly a logistical nightmare for the people and businesses of Fife and Edinburgh and indeed beyond. Literally overnight a 20-minute commute from Dunfermline to Edinburgh turned into a 3-hour crawl. The cost to the country in lost man-hours and business disruption, particularly at one of the busiest times of year, is incalculable. But as questions were being asked in parliament those tasked with fixing the problem were coming to the fore. We’re very proud to say that Watson Towers were instrumental in that.

From an initial telephone enquiry, within 24 hours we were able to supply, cut and deliver to the fabricator the carbon steel required. The material in question was Western European origin S355J2+N steel and very few companies these days have the capacity to hold that amount of steel in stock far less machine cut and deliver the next day. We enjoy close working relationships with our customers and have worked hard to forge a reputation for reliability, quality and capability.

We were even the venue for TV news reports in the days following the bridge closure as people demanded to know when the bridge would reopen. In actual fact the bridge reopened a week earlier than was first estimated, despite some horrendous weather conditions, demonstrating that all the people involved in fixing the bridge were clearly on the top of their game.