London Shopping Centres; Made In Scotland From Girders

The next time you go on a shopping trip to London if you have a look around you might see a little bit of Lanarkshire too. We say a ‘little bit’ but actually that’s not the case, it’s really a very big bit!

We were tasked with creating and delivering three plate girders earlier this month required for a shopping centre in London. The first one was 48 tonnes, the second 54 tonnes and the final one a whopping 71 tonnes. Watson Towers processed and cut the plate for each of the girders with our sister company, Cairnhill, fabricating the material. The final girders measured 26 meters long and arranging for them to be transported to London was a logistical challenge. It was a challenge we were up too and as our picture shows they made quite a sight on the road. We did feel a little sorry for anyone stuck behind them though.

Watson Towers were awarded this contract because of our production expertise, our value for money and also because we could turn an order like this around in a very tight timescale. Our stockholding and production capacity were vital ingredients in fulfilling this as well as our experience and reliability.