Nuclear Industry Turns To Watson Towers

Our expertise in the manufacture of storage tanks was once again tested recently; we’re pleased to report we were up to the task.
Heysham Nuclear Power Station in Lancashire required a storage tank repair and as their subcontractor’s knew of our experience they naturally came to us first. However this wasn’t a straightforward request as the shell material required was over 3 metres wide and the delivery schedule was challenging to say the least.

Shell material of that width requires specially rolled and this isn’t something most stockholders are capable of. Once completed we machined, shot-blasted and then painted the finished metal before delivery for manufacturing.

As you’ll no doubt understand when working with the nuclear industry quality, safety and reliability are paramount and there is simply no margin for error. Our commitment to quality and our manufacturing procedures not to mention our skills, make us natural partners for companies with exacting standards, it’s pleasing for everyone involved at Watson Towers when this is recognised.