Out Of Africa

We were delighted to recently secure another order for storage tanks, this time for use in Nigeria. Our deep, specialist knowledge of storage tank manufacture has led to us fulfilling orders right across the globe. As ever logistics, usage and climate play a part in the specification.

This particular order was for 900 tonnes of mild steel. Part of our process involves cutting the steel, bevelling and rolling it before shot blasting and painting it ready for the long journey to its final destination. Storage tanks have a multitude of uses and we always factor this into our production process. Likewise an understanding of the climatic conditions they’ll face is also important. We pride ourselves on this level of attention to detail.

Like so much of what we do though the most important aspects are the quality of steel we have and the craftsmanship and know-how that goes into the manufacturing process. When our ability to exceed the required quality is added to our ability to supply the product for the specified budget hopefully you can see why we’re becoming the first choice for storage tank manufacture in the UK.