Power stations need big doors

When you’re creating enough energy to power a city things tend to be a little bigger, that was certainly the case with a recent project we completed. We were approached to supply two doors for use at Dungeness Power Station in Kent. As you might expect these weren’t any ordinary doors, both these doors were 6 metres square and weighed 5 tonnes.

We were commissioned to produce these because of our experience of large fabrications and because we have the machine capability to produce work of this size. From receiving the technical drawings and specifications until we delivered the finished doors every aspect of the project was carried out at our facility in Coatbridge.

Our sister company, Cairnhill, carried out the fabrication and we machined and painted the structural steel before delivery. The paint used was interesting, it needed to be able to withstand extreme heat as well as provide a finish to the steel. We pride ourselves on being able to manage every aspect of a project like this but it’s a team effort. There are number of highly skilled and very knowledgeable people involved in this kind of project each of whom brings a level of expertise essential to creating a finished product that can meet the very exacting standards required.