Providing Storage Tank Expertise Across The World

On another cold, wet and blustery Lanarkshire day we’re probably not the only people thinking about the Caribbean, but we imagine our reasons are very different from most other people locally.

In recent years we’ve built up a great deal of experience in preparing steel for use in storage tanks. So much so that we think it is fair to call ourselves experts in this field now. Certainly, judging by our order book, that’s how others are viewing us.

The Caribbean was on our minds recently because of an order we produced and delivered to Trinidad some 4,400 or so miles away. We were chosen to fulfil this order because of our extensive knowledge of the material required and the stringent quality issues associated with it. In total we shipped 700 tonnes of carbon steel having first cut, rolled, bevelled and painted it.

Whilst we joke about the weather this is something we are very conscious of when fulfilling this type of order. The stresses the material will experience in a hot or tropical climate are different from Western Europe for example and this needs to be factored in.

To date we’ve supplied prepared steel for storage tanks to Europe, Africa, South America and, of course, the Caribbean. The only disappointment in this is we don’t get to deliver them in person!