Bulk storage tanks.

Watson Towers Stockholding Gets Even Bigger

There have been some fairly significant changes in the steel landscape throughout the UK in recent months. The unfortunate events in South Wales, North East England and of course locally here in Lanarkshire have changed the face of steel processing and availability forever.

In reaction to this the directors of Watson Towers have undertaken to significantly increase the amount of steel plate stock we hold. This is very much a customer driven decision as we have seen a big increase in enquiries and demand. We’ve always prided ourselves on being able to deliver our customer’s needs quickly and cost-effectively and our decision to increase our stockholding will ensure this remains the case.

As recent events at the Forth Road Bridge demonstrated our customers don’t always get a lot of notice on what material they’re going to need. By significantly increasing the amount of steel we hold locally we’ll ensure we’re able to assist all of our customers no matter the urgency or quantity they require.